Magical Evenings:

     First Wednesday (of each month Except July)


     Maryland Heights Community Center

     2344 McKelvey Rd

     Maryland Heights, MO 63043

     (Unless noted below)


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Regular Evening Agenda
     6:30 Magic 101
      7pm Announcements
      7:15 Break
      7:30 Meeting Theme

      9:00 Workshop/Social Time

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Monthly Magical Evenings:  

Mar. 2nd Meeting - Magic 101 (Tag team teach-in)

Meeting - Multi performances followed by open stage time for any performers

Upcoming Event:     

Feb. 20th Spring Parade of Magic - Kirkwood Community Center

Mar. 11th 7pm Friday - David Stone - All New Lecture


Tribute to Veteran's Magic Show 2015

Purina Farms 2015

Healing of Magic 2015

Card Magic Sep 2015

Tribute to Veterans 2014

JDRF Family Days 2015

JDRF Walk 2015

Spring Parade of Magic 2015

Ring 1 “I.B.M. Honor Ring”, first ever awarded!


Ring 1 Dues:


President: Dan Todd 314.409.7066
Vice President: Jason Stack 618.303.6799

Secy./Sargent At Arms:

Alan Zibits 636.273.9974
Treasurer: Sandy Wiese 314.524.7859
Board Members:

Steve Finkelstein
Marty Kopp

Harry Monti
Mike Niehaus

Terry Richison






Spirit Newsletter: Jenny Jones 636.633.2207

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