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During this Autumn season, our imaginations  entertain stories of the supernatural. Please enjoy an old time radio broadcast from 1949 featuring a ghost and Harry Blackstone Sr., The Magic Detective, titled "The Phantom Intermezzo." At the end of the show, Blackstone will teach a trick that anyone can perform. Just click the track below and enjoy the show ... but remember not to tell anyone the secret you will learn! 



World's Foremost


"Blast From The Past"

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Sandy Weis

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IBM Ring 1 Annual Dues

IBM Ring 1 Annual Dues

View Steve Finkelstein's June Ring1 Lecture before it's gone by                         

A bit of HOGWARTS magic resides on our Officers & Board page ... Check out Ring1's counterpart to Prof. Dumbledore ... our very own animated 1st President!



The webmaster asks that Ring 1 members submit images of themselves in action so we can showcase the fun we have to share. The world is visiting OUR to see what the excitement is all about! E-mail a photo of you performing magic (or your preferred headshot) to: . Your photo may magically appear on our Ring 1 website! 

 Annual membership in IBM Ring 1 is $15 and is a bargain, considering our lineup of performers, lecturers, and activities! If any of your contact information has changed, please let Alan Zibits know at

To pay by mail: Write a check payable to “IBM, Ring 1” for $15. Write “2021 Dues” on the memo line. Mail the check to

Sandy Weis, 1755 Elkins Drive, St. Louis, MO 63136.



To pay by mail:

Write a check payable to

“IBM, Ring 1” for $15

 Write “2021 Dues” on the memo line


 Mail the check to:

Sandy Weis

 1755 Elkins Drive

 St. Louis, MO 63136



Even Harry Blackstone Sr. wondered what he would get for Christmas each year.
Be sure to send your RSVP soon to be included in our nearly century old
 Holiday Fun event! 


FREE food and drinks!

Harry Blackstone Sr. performed at the 1946 I.B.M. Convention in St. Louis, Missouri - hosted by our I.B.M. Ring 1

The I.B.M. Ring 1 Holiday meeting is coming up on December 1st.  This is a meeting where members are encouraged to bring their immediate family members to take part in the festivities.  Yes, we will again be having the ever popular “White Elephant” gift exchange.  Everyone who brings a gift will be eligible to participate.  Details and rules are later in this email. 


But the reason for this email is the food portion of the meeting.  As part of the meeting will be lots of food for everyone to enjoy.  Ring 1 will be taking care of the everything this year. 


We need two things.  Please notify Terry Richison of your answers to the questions below even if you are not able to come.

  1. Please let us know if you will be attending and how many people you will be bringing.

Email, Text or call Terry with your answers at  or 314-791-9108 as soon as possible so he has time to get the correct amount of food ordered.


Please let us know as soon as possible so we can make this a Great Cheerful Event!



            White Elephant Gift Exchange Rules

 I.B.M. Ring 1 Annual White Elephant Gift Exchange.


Traditionally, a "White Elephant" is something lying around the house that you don't want (some horridly ugly item that someone gave you as a gift.) For our meeting we are asking you to bring a magic item for our white elephant holiday get together.  


Here are the rules:

  1. There is no requirement that you have to participate in the White Elephant.  You can just come to the meeting and just enjoy the evening.  Each person wanting to participate in the Gift exchange must bring a WRAPPED, COMPLETE MAGIC effect, INCLUDING INSTRUCTIONS if needed.  The effect does not have to be new, but it must be in presentable and working shape and no less than $5 in value if new. 
  2. Participants will sit in a circle with the packages in a pile in the middle.  Each person participating will draw a number out of a hat.  The lowest number goes first and selects a present from the pile.
  3. Once a present is selected from the pile of gifts, the trick is unwrapped for all to see. 
  4. The next person may choose from the wrapped pile of gifts or may “steal” someone else’s gift that they had already selected.  If a gift is “taken”, the person that lost the gift may choose to select a new gift from the unopened pile, or may “steal” a present from another person, but not the person that “stole” the gift from them. 
  5. A single gift can only be “stolen” a total of 3 times. 
  6. This is continued until all of the presents are exhausted or everyone has a gift.  As an added bonus, it is a known fact that there will be at least one gift that will be worth over $50 and a couple Ickle Pickle Gift Certificates!  You might be the lucky one!


The meeting will be open to immediate family members.  Anyone who brings a gift is allowed to participate in the White Elephant, even family members. 

We would like to get a good number of people that are coming so we will have people Text, Email or call Terry Richison at  or 314-791-9108.


Join MAGIC 101

Our Experienced Mentors Are Available To Help New and Intermediate Magicians ... 

Please Contact Any Officer Or Board Member Listed Below For Informaton

DECEMBER 1st at 7 pm

Ring 1’s Close-Up Competition finally took place on November 3rd. The Ring had to keep on postponing it due to the pandemic. Steve Finkelstein hosted the event since he was the winner in 2019. There were two levels of contestants, beginner/intermediate and advanced. The first group was classified as nonprofessional magicians who have not won 1st place in a close-up contest previously. The advanced group were magicians who are professionals and/or won 1st place in a close-up contest in the past. However, anyone could elect to compete in the advanced category. The performance length was eight to ten minutes. This year, instead of eight categories, contestants were judged in only three areas: Entertainment Value, Presentation, and Ability/Technique. There was also a People’s Choice Award. The audience members could vote for one performer to receive this award. The room was filled with members and non-members. It was also televised via Zoom to those who were unable to attend the contest in person. Even those who viewed the contest on Zoom could cast a ballot for the People’s Choice Award. The Ring 1 judges were Ted Schnarre, Steve Zuehlke, and Sandy Weis. There were also two lay judges.

There were four performers in each of both categories. In the beginner/intermediate category, the following performed: D. J. Lenz, Jill (Silly Jill) Schmidt, Scott Smith, and Raleigh Muns. Each act was so different. Jill is a children’s entertainer so the audience members had to pretend they were young children. D. J., Scott, and Raleigh perform for adults. The 1st place winner was Raleigh and the 2nd place winner was Jill. In the advanced category, the following performed: Steve Queen, John Davit, Terry Richison, and Gary S. Chan. The performances were quite different but all were entertaining. Gary Chan was the 1st place winner and Steve Queen was the 2nd-place winner. Gary S. Chan, overwhelmingly, won the People’s Choice Award!

The audience enjoyed all of the performances. The Ring thanks all of the contestants for their willingness to perform. It takes a lot of time to prepare and also practice an act for a contest. The winners will receive their awards in the near future. The Ring also thanks Steve Finkelstein for doing such an excellent job of hosting the event. Also, a thank you to Scott Smith for streaming and recording the contest.

One of the Ring’s Past Presidents, Mike Niehaus, posted the following on Facebook: “My 13th Season at the Eckart’s Millstadt Fun Farm is over. I had a Jim Dandy of a time for 8 weekends. Rusty Pliers performed 175 Pumpkin Cannon Shows, and just over 1,750 pumpkins went flying thru the air. Honestly, sometimes it was raining pumpkins. During the 40 minutes I had off between Pumpkin Cannon Shows, I ran the music for 45 shows for the dancing cloggers.” Check out Rusty Pliers on Facebook for further comments and pictures. Make sure to see his show next year if you are in Millstadt, Illinois.

Trudy Monti-Monteith has taken the initiative and organized the St. Louis Magic Roundtable again. Before the pandemic, magicians would meet every Saturday to share/talk about magic. These were discontinued during the pandemic. However, Trudy recently invited magicians to meet again on the first Saturday of each month at a local Panera’s. Now Trudy has found another location with a meeting area (a Dierberg’s Grocery Store at 1080 Lindemann Road, Des Peres, MO 63131) that will allow the members to meet every Saturday at 1:00 PM. Trudy describes the store as follows: it is a beautiful store with a lovely café loft, an escalator to indoor parking, and an elevator to the loft. All magicians are invited to attend these weekly meetings.

Jill “Silly Jilly” Schmidt shared the following: For the Ring 1 competition, I figured having a trick that fooled most magicians would help me win. That motivated me to do the arts and crafts and engineering to make a trick I learned in one of David Regal’s Zoom lectures (this lecture was a Zoom lecture he performed for a South African magic club). This trick is also included in David Regal’s 2019 book, Interpreting Magic. I really liked the trick but procrastinated on making it. I eventually finished it only two days before the competition. My friend, David Brenn, suggested I use this trick as a running-gag/call back. Therefore, I showed a cup empty and then I placed it on top of a piece of candy. During the routine, I continued to lift the cup and show the audience that the candy was still there. However, at the conclusion, when I lifted the cup, a toy spider appeared, and the candy was gone. I have performed this trick at gigs, and the kids are always surprised by the spider. When Steve Finkelstein announced my name as the 2nd place winner, he said it was due to the spider trick (I think, maybe, he was fooled and didn’t know what happened to the candy). This is the first contest I have entered and I was thrilled to win 2nd place. I think the competition has made my show better because it motivated me to make two new tricks. The other one, “Mummy/Mommy Monte”, I learned because I bought a membership to a Halloween Magic Facebook group by Christopher T. Magician.

Dan Todd shared the following: I continue to include magic effects with my chess classes. (Dan is one of the instructors for the St. Louis Chess Club.) Recently I found a really cool Holy Grail on Facebook Market Place. I am going to use it with my “Mother ofAll Diamonds” effect. I also bought an Indiegogo Center Cam which I use for Zoom, MS and Google Meetings. My eyes are no longer looking to the side. I found a trick I have been looking for, “Find the Monkey” (an exciting new version of the classic sleight-of-hand game). Also, I figured out how to use a special ink blotter to magically promote a Pawn to a Queen. Finally, I now can stab through a chess piece card (under glass) and the glass is untouched. It seems I am able to transform almost any magical effect into chess magic. (Since Dan is very creative and also very handy, he has always been able to make/invent really unique magic effects).

Michael W. McClure says, “I am pleased to report that the expanded Chester Fall Festival was a huge success, and in no small part due to the performances of two of our Ring 1 members – Jill Schmidt and Terry Richison. Jill thrilled young and old alike with her balloon creations, while Terry gave an outstanding performance … yes, he was out(side) standing on our main stage. Everyone who was fortunate enough to attend was thoroughly mystified and entertained. Our City thanks you both for your help with this year’s festivities!"

“Our October 20th Board meeting was dedicated to the logistics and final preparations for the upcoming Ring 1 Close-Up Contest. The extra planning certainly paid off! The Nov. 3rd event was well attended, and those not able to be there in person were delighted to be able to view the competition via a Zoom link. Everyone had a great time, and no one was arrested."

“To fully commemorate this year’s Halloween celebration, I attended (virtually) the annual Houdini séance with several members of his family. Unfortunately, the late Weiss wizard was, once again, too late to make an appearance. This only served as a warm-up for our family’s evening performances. The McClure family decorated our front room to resemble Harry Potter’s Hogwarts environs, and invited the town’s trick-or-treaters (and their families) to step into this fantasy environment. As three talking portraits led a “Haunting 101” class at the far end of the room, my son, youngest daughter, another friend, and I produced candy from thin air in a myriad of ways that gave our guests a peek at what it would be like to live in this famous wizard’s world. It is such a delight to watch the parents enjoy the magic as much as the children do … but that is exactly why magicians strive to create a “moment in time” where everyone can once again experience the child-like wonder of our past).”

Ring 1 always welcomes visitors to its meetings and activities. 



 December Letter from Our President


December us upon us, wow! I am looking forward to the White Elephant and breaking bread with a bunch of great magicians! I hope we have a great turnout. Please make sure you respond and let us know if you are planning on attending because the club will be providing the meal.

I will be attending the Magifest in Columbus in January, the S.A.M. National Convention in Las Vegas in January, and the I.B.M. National Convention in Atlanta in July. Please let me know if you and/or others are going. It would be great if we could make the Ring 1 presence known at the convention(s).

We had an amazing show at our last meeting with the close-up contest. Congratulations to Gary Chan for the overall win. Congratulations to Raleigh Muns for 1st place in the beginner/ intermediate group! What an amazing turnout. Thank you!!

Raleigh Muns and Joshua Weidner supported the Francis Howell High School Annual Girls Basketball Breakfast Fundraiser for the girls Basketball team. Thank you very much, guys!! I can’t wait to hear all about it. Josh told me that it was a success.

As always, I would love to hear from everyone. Please send ideas for the club. Scott Smith President I.B.M. Ring 1 618-610-5947 


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