I.B.M. Ring 1 Meetings:

     First Wednesday (of each month Except July)


Dielmann Recreation Center

11400 Olde Cabin Road 

Creve Coeur, MO 63141 

David Stone Lecture


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Midwest Magic Jubilee The Spirits

 Regular Evening Agenda
      6:45 Magic 101
      7:15 Announcements
      7:25 Break
      7:30 Meeting Theme

      9:00 Workshop/Social Time

2016 Contest Winners

Monthly Magical Evenings:
   JUNE   1st - Round Robin, Parlor Magic Note: New Place and Time
Upcoming Event: 
   JULY   6th - NO Meeting
   AUGUST 3rd - Ice Cream Social & Flea Market
  AUGUST 25-27 "60th Midwest Magic Jubilee!" Register NOW

Tribute to Veteran's Magic Show 2015

Purina Farms 2015

Healing of Magic - Shriners Hospital

JDRF Family Days 2015

Ring 1 “I.B.M. Honor Ring”, first ever awarded!

JDRF Walk 2015


Ring 1 Dues:


Newly Elected Officers

President: Dan Todd 314.409.7066
Vice President: Mike Niehaus 314.691.0507

Sargent At Arms:

Steve Queen 314.651.9162
Secretary: Alan Zibits 636.273.9974

Sandy Weis

Board Members: 

Steve Finkelstein

Marty Kopp

Jenny Jones - Spirit Ed.

Terry Richison






2016 Contest Winners Ring 1 Roster

French Magician, David Stone,

woos Jenny