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During this season where we should "count" our blessings, here is an old time radio broadcast from December 1948 that stars Harry Blackstone Sr., The Magic Detective, when he thwarted a thief in the museum! At the end of the show, Blackstone will teach a magic trick that anyone can perform. Just click the track below and enjoy the show ... but remember not to tell anyone the secret you will learn! 



World's Foremost


"Blast From The Past"

Click Track for a Magic Mystery

IBM Ring 1 Annual Dues

                   IBM RING1

               February Meeting


          ERIK TAIT

















Terry Richison

The webmaster asks that Ring 1 members submit images of themselves in action so we can showcase the fun we have to share. The world is visiting OUR to see what the excitement is all about! E-mail a photo of you performing magic (or your preferred headshot) to: . Your photo may magically appear on our Ring 1 website! 

 Annual membership in IBM Ring 1 is $15 and is a bargain, considering our lineup of performers, lecturers, and activities! If any of your contact information has changed, please let Alan Zibits know at

To pay by mail: Write a check payable to “IBM, Ring 1” for $15. Write “2021 Dues” on the memo line. Mail the check to

Sandy Weis, 1755 Elkins Drive, St. Louis, MO 63136.



To pay by mail:

Write a check payable to

“IBM, Ring 1” for $15

 Write “2021 Dues” on the memo line


 Mail the check to:

Sandy Weis

 1755 Elkins Drive

 St. Louis, MO 63136

Erik Tait has won awards for both standup comedy and magic throughout North America, appeared on Penn & Teller: Fool Us and was the 2018 International Brotherhood of Magicians Gold Cups Close Up Competition Champion. He graduated with honors from the prestigious Humber College Comedy Writing and Performance program, which means Erik can academically prove why he is hilarious. Beyond that, Erik is the only magician in the world with a degree in funny. He has put academic theory into practice on some of the most prestigious stages in the world, including The Magic Castle, Second City Toronto, and the Hollywood Improv. His client list has some of the most recognizable brands in the country including Honda, Macy’s, and Bark Box.

IBM Ring 1 Annual Dues

FEB. 3rd @ 7pm


On December 2nd, the Ring held a Zoom meeting featuring Dan Harlan as its guest lecturer. Dan previously entertained the Ring’s members at its 2019 President’s Banquet, and members were excited to see him again. Amongst many routines, Dan also shared how he performed some of the effects at the banquet!

Before the lecture began, Steve Finkelstein prepared a “Trivia Contest” for the members. It contained ten questions, and he explained that the website where he found the questions had a lot more questions. Although many of the questions were difficult, members performed well on the pop quiz!

Approximately 50 members joined the meeting, and the Ring randomly selected two winners to receive attendance prizes. The winners this month were Michael Henry and Ted Schnarre. They both won books donated by Steve Zuehlke and Steve Buesking. Congratulations to the two winners!

Scott Smith set up the Zoom lecture, and he introduced Dan Harlan to the members. Scott shared several of Dan’s accomplishments. The first effect Dan shared was one he has been using as his opening effect for ten years. The Awakening is advertised on his website as “the Fastest, Funniest, Most Visual Version of Professor’s Nightmare Ever”, and Ring members agreed.

The next effect he shared was Hold it Buster! He invented this effect when he was 14 years old! He explained that it is a “sucker” or “gambling” effect. However, he recommended not allowing an audience member to be “the sucker” in a performance. Instead, this effect included a conversation between Dan and his Dad. Dan ends up being the “sucker.”

The next effect was one of his newer creations. It involved his version of the Torn and Restored Newspaper. However, it can be performed impromptu since one can use whatever they have nearby, such as Kleenex, napkins, etc. instead of a newspaper. He added that he likes to sprinkle magic dust on it as part of the routine.

Next he performed Psychic Saga, which is a close-up mentalism effect. He selected a member to help him with this effect. Usually, the magician reads the volunteer’s mind, but Dan had the volunteer read his mind. Very clever!

Next he had everyone get a deck of cards. He gave instructions as to what to do with the cards. He called this The Human Condition, which is explained in the book Verbal Magic by Juan Tamariz. This version uses the Gilbreath Principle. According to a website, Tamariz’s book is one of the best interactive books and is back in print. The website states it is perfect for live shows and also Zoom. This was Scott’s favorite effect of the night.

My favorite effect was the Hexaflexagon/Color Mixer. According to the website, Dan does not make these anymore. It is based on Martin Gardner’s “Hexaflexagon,” which I researched after the lecture. It seems to be complicated and time-consuming to make.

The lecture was excellent. Dan performed each effect and went into detail explaining how each was performed. He is a great lecturer. He did not charge for this lecture and wasn’t trying to sell his products. However, he did share that if anyone buys anything from him and it wears out, he will replace it for free. One of our members confirmed that Dan replaced one of his effects recently. The Ring really enjoyed this lecture and highly recommends it.

Scott Smith recommended the following: “If anyone is looking for a very entertaining download, look for Scott Alexander and Dan Harlan Holiday Special 4 Live (Penguin Magic). It is so funny! Also, on last Sunday’s Penguin Magic Review video, there is a segment towards the end entitled “Magic Celebrity Jeopardy.” Dan Harlan plays Max Maven as the host. They make fun of the greatest active magicians today. You won’t be able to stop laughing and it’s free!” Jeopardy Video:

Jill “Silly Jilly” Schmidt shared that she appreciates how easy it is to attend magic conventions virtually. Her favorite was Kidabra because the classes focused on entertaining kids, and the classes can be watched over and over again. Her second favorite was the UnConventional. Fun Convention because it had an ingenious setup for the after-party and also had breaks between lectures. Attendees could move their avatar around a virtual convention hall, including a lobby with tables and a dealers’ room. As one approached other attendees, their camera and mic came in to view, and one could talk, jam, and hang out just like at a real convention. Jill has signed up for Kidabra’s Virtual February 2021 Convention, and she’s awaiting details on Unconventional.Fun 2.

Michael McClure said, “It was quite a treat for me, and 5 other Ring 1 members to virtually visit IBM Ring 252 and meet their retiring President, Alan Fisher, on Dec. 8th, and then join the crowd at the IBM JAM on Dec. 9th for Fisher’s online lecture. I was one of three in the “audience” that was invited to help with an effect, but not before our Ring 1 got a big shout-out from Alan. We had more members represented at his Ring’s meeting the night before than any other group … including his own! If a magician wants to satisfy the urge to get in more magic during these strange times, they should check out the resources at . This is an IBMrecommended site for Rings to publish their meeting dates and encourage visitors from all across the globe to attend. An excellent way to grow our magic skills and learn new presentation methods is by sharing the fun we have with each other. The more we experience virtual meetings, shows, and lectures, the easier it will be for us to adapt to this growing medium of online entertainment.”

Michael also asks that Ring 1 members submit images of themselves in action so he can showcase the fun they have on our new website. The world is visiting OUR to see what the excitement is all about! E-mail a photo of you performing magic (or your preferred headshot) to him at: . Your photo may magically appear on our Ring 1 website! I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. Hopefully, our lives will return to normal in the near future.

RING ONE December 2020 Recap

Sandy Weis

I.B.M. Ring1 Scribe

94 Years of Magic!


Now that 2020 has come to an end, I don’t know if I am glad its over or afraid of what we might face in 2021. But I have decided not to fret about what is in the past and face the New Year with a positive outlook. We have a many things to be thankful for. Each of us should take inventory and write down what we are thankful for. I bet you would be surprised how long your list is. I’m thankful for having friends like each of you. I was thinking of my New Year’s resolutions. Everyone makes them, but they are always hard to keep. My best resolution that would be “to keep my New Year’s Resolutions.” I’m not holding my breath! There are a couple resolutions that everyone could make for the betterment of Ring 1. First, it is that time of the year to pay our Ring 1 dues. Our dues allow the club to bring in some great lectures and guests. So let’s all go to and get our dues paid. Secondly, this year has been tough for everyone. We have kept the Ring moving forward with our online meetings and all the great lectures. I have been extremely impressed by the level of enthusiasm that our Ring has exhibited this past year. We need to harness that enthusiasm to help build our club membership. Even with everything that we have faced this year, we still picked up a couple of new adult members. But we can’t forget about our youth members. Without the youth members, our club will not continue to grow. Youth members provide an opportunity to our elders to mentor and pass on the important aspects of the Ring as well as magic in general—ethics, classics, and presentation, just to name a few. We also need to look at ourselves to see what qualities, opportunities, and talents we each have to offer the Ring. It will take a lot to keep Ring 1 moving forward. It is not just performing, teaching, or setting up lectures. Hopefully, we will be able to resume the Spring Parade of Magic and our Veteran’s Holiday show. We will need help organizing all of these events. Let me know what you want to volunteer to do to help keep Ring 1 moving forward. We want Ring 1 to continue to be one of the best clubs in the world. Remember, there is always room for improvement, and you can help by volunteering in 2021. We have a great online lecture, by Jason Dean, coming up at our next meeting on Jan 5th. I hope I will see everyone there. Lastly, with the worst of the Covid epidemic over and with the vaccine now being distributed, I hope we will soon be able to safely meet again in person. 

       Sign up for the

         I.B.M. Ring 1








    Steve Finkelstein

    to sign up! or call 314-409-6869

 Beginner/Intermediate     and Advanced Groups

 Click for Contest Rules


The I.B.M. Ring 1 Board of Directors is committed to deliver high quality and safe contests and meetings for our members.  We have been notified that the Dielmann Recreation Center is now not going to be open in October, as they had previously told us.  Due to the unavailability of the rooms at Dielmann Recreation Center the I.B.M. Ring 1 Close-Up Contest will need to be postponed again.  The Close-up Contest will be rescheduled at the earliest possible date.  We will keep everyone up-to-date as details progress.  Plenty of time will be given to allow all Close-Up contestants and judges to make the appropriate plans so that we can put on a quality Close-Up Contest. We know it could be difficult to compete in front of an audience of magicians, but it is harder to compete with no audience at all.  Hopefully we will be able hold the contest live, with an audience.  Part of putting on a great act is engaging and involving the audience.  We are shooting for sometime in the first quarter of 2021.   On the positive side of all this, because of the COVID-19 virus, we should have some very polished acts when we finally hold the contest.  So, keep practicing! 





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